Each event we cover, we’ll publish a list of crews from which you can pick your winner in each event.

The day before the event we’ll close the entries and publish the results of the predictions so everyone can see who the favourites are and how their predictions compare to everyone else.

After the event we’ll publish a league of players and the number of points they’ve earned from predicting correctly.

It’s pretty simple, for predicting correctly you’ll be awarded a number of points equivalent to the number of crews in that event.

If there are 43 crews in Novice 8+s and you pick the winner you’ll get 43 points. If there are only 3 crews in Elite 4- and you pick the winner you’ll only get 3 points.

It isn’t just about points though, we will also publish the % of correct predictions made by each user too!

It may sometimes depend on whether or not a draw has been published late or not but unless specified otherwise predictions will close at Midnight on the Thursday before a weekend event and the results of the predictions will be published on the Friday.
Yes. You can view and edit your selection by visiting the predictions page for that event up until the time at which predictions close for that event.
In short, No. A blank answer will count as a wrong answer.
Even if you don’t have a clue about an event, it’s worth a guess!