Fantasy Henley 2017 – Prediction Results

Fantasy Henley 2017 – Prediction Results

Well done everyone who managed to get their predictions completed in time for the deadline, we’ve got a total of 471 entries which is more than last Henley (448) but not quite as many as Rio (523)

With 3 new events at HRR this year and less entries than last year we’re expecting it to be easier to predict correctly – we won’t know whether that’s true until Sunday afternoon but what we do know is that on average, the favourites have 5% more support than they did last year… confidence is high(er)!

  • Once again it’s the Wyfold (Men’s club 4-) that’s proving the most divisive with no clear favourite, although the favourite is Sydney RC on 17.12%

  • The strongest favourite is Leander Club with 84% in the Queen Mother (open 4x), closely followed by Vicky Thornley in the Princess Royal. Based on previous results, with this level of support they both an over 90% chance of success on Sunday.

  • Based on previous results any crew with support of more than 60% of the fantasy rowing community has a 80% probability of success but support between 50% and 60% indicates that a crew’s probability of success is only 52%

As usual, only crews with 5% or more show up in the graphs but at the bottom of the page you’ll find the full results…enjoy!

Grand Challenge Cup

1 Leander Club and Newcastle University - 21.4%
2 Passauer Ruderverein von 1874 eV and Ruderverein Treviris Trier von 1921 - Germany - 69.65%
3 Waiariki Rowing Club - New Zealand - 8.95%

Ladies Challenge Plate

26 Brown University - USA - 6.42%
29 Molesey Boat Club and Leander Club - 19.91%
31 Oxford Brookes University and Taurus Boat Club - 65.04%
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